From retrieval to restoration of clothing, I was pleased to see the compassion and professionalism of the staff at 911 Textile. I was even more pleased to see that no trace of smoke or odours was left in my clothes after the house fire. Great job!

Mary L

Best service I have ever received amongst everyone I had to deal with to get through this loss. 911 Textile was efficient, professional and organized!

Andrew H

Your restoration process applies to more than just clothes- it restored my husband and my lives too! We are so grateful for the relief you provided us with during this difficult time and are so thankful to you. Everything came back stain and odor free. Your customer service was impeccable and the field representative really took care of everything for us. I cannot wait to share with my friends and family what a great job you have done.

Debbie S

I just want to thank you for helping me at a very difficult time in my life. You made my loss much easier to get through.

John C

911 Textile is the most helpful company I have worked with. Their professional and compassionate attitude made all the difference during my loss

Sarah P

Thank you for taking care of not just our outfits but also our luggage, outfits, purses, hiking equipment, and individual products. It was so nice to see how fresh and odour free everything was when we finally moved into our new house.

Will T

The fire and smoke destroyed most of our belongings. Thankfully with your restoration process we were able to get back some of our clothes and precious belongings back. It was such a joy to have those back after everything we have been through

Andrew J

After our boat caught fire, the only thing that got us through the difficulty was your service and restoration

Brad W

Thank you for the marvellous service you provide- from the first phone call to the last installation. Will always refer you if a difficult time comes

Abdallah S